To receive furniture from the Mississauga Furniture Bank you must be referred to us by one of our "registered" partner agencies or shelters, like the ones below:

The Compass: Lakeshore Community Outreach Centre

Realizing the urgent need of those experiencing severe economic and social challenges, ten Christian churches in the Lorne Park/Clarkson area formed The Compass to address this serious and growing social concern within the community. The Compass provides relief to people struggling with life's challenges.


Newcomer Centre of Peel

Newcomer Centre of Peel (NCP) is a multi-service agency that assists the entire newcomer family in achieving settlement. With experience and expertise in English language training; employability and business start-up and comprehensive settlement services including programs for women, youth and seniors; NCP offers a dedication to service quality.


Vita Manor

Vita Centre provides a range of services to support young women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Vita Centre takes leadership in promoting awareness and understanding of the impact of unplanned pregnancy on families and the community.


The Salvation Army Peel Region Residential Service

The Salvation Army Peel Region Residential Services, in partnership with the Region of Peel, operates three emergency shelters and one transitional housing program. Together, we serve individuals and families experiencing housing crisis through a continuum of services.


Peel Children’s Aid

Peel Children’s Aid's mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of children and strengthen families through partnership. Peel Children’s Aid Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and youth and disadvantaged families, in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon who are under the supervision of Peel Children’s Aid.


Region of Peel Outreach Program – CMHA Peel

The Peel Outreach team is a responsive, mobile, multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work together with individuals who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. We empower through short-term support, advocacy and referrals and meet people where they are at.


Salvation Army Family Life Resource Centre

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882 and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and everyday in 400 communities across Canada and more than 120 countries around the world.


Preventing Homelessness in Peel Program(PHIPP)

PHIPP provides one-time emergency assistance to low-income families and individuals at risk of losing their home or place of shelter. In the short term, PHIPP allows families and individuals to maintain or obtain affordable housing to prevent homelessness. To access this service, please call 905-793-9200.


Angela’s Place (Salvation Army)

Angela’s Place is a transitional residence that provides both housing and support programs for Peel families that have experienced homelessness. Angela’s Place addresses the alarming increase in homeless families in the Region, and the disturbing presence of children in our emergency shelters that has developed as a result. The facility provides support services and medium-term housing for 20 high-need families. Angela’s Place offers a secure base where families in difficulty can regain their stability and get help finding permanent accommodation and employment.


Armagh House

Armagh is the only second-stage supportive housing program serving the Region of Peel. We offer a safe and supportive environment for women, with or without children.


Eden Community Food Bank

Eden Community Food Bank is a non-denominational, charitable organization, working to eliminate hunger through food distribution to qualified individuals and families living in selected areas of Mississauga, as well as providing education and advocacy services to our clients and the general public.


Interim Place

Interim Place has been providing shelter and support services for women in Peel Region who face violence for over 30 years. Since 1981 Interim Place has assisted well over 38,000 women and children over the years find safety, heal and build new lives free of abuse.


Our Place Peel

Our Place Peel is a registered non-profit agency providing shelter, support and hope for homeless and disadvantaged youth aged 16 - 21 in the Region of Peel. Through our emergency shelter, resource room and community outreach services, we empower youth to take control of their lives, break harmful patterns, and make a healthy, new start.


Region of Peel – Human Services

The department supports full participation by all residents in the economic, social and cultural life of the Region by providing a continuum of supports for vulnerable or at-risk members of the community. Human Services works collaboratively with other Peel agencies to improve the opportunities and quality of life for children, families and individuals living in Mississauga.


Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is dedicated to helping those less fortunate. With essential care and guidance, struggling families and individuals can build self-confidence and positive opportunity.


Victim Services of Peel

We work to provide immediate assistance to people in crisis across Brampton and Mississauga who have been victimized by crime or tragic circumstances. Many are victims of domestic abuse and other kinds of family violence. We also provide critical response services for people who have experienced traumatic events such as sexual assault, homicide, suicide, sudden death, traffic/fire fatalities and armed robberies.


Four Corners Health Centre

Four Corners Health Centre offers community programs, health prevention and promotion and a robust diabetes education program. The Four Corners team is comprised of a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, physiotherapist, chiropodist and social worker. The team also includes community health educators, a health promoter and a dedicated Francophone health promoter.


Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton

As an Agency, we have defined our “community” as being at several levels – our client base; the Peel and Halton communities; the provincial judicial/correctional systems; and the federal judicial/correctional systems. Corresponding strategies are in place for each stakeholder group. Obviously, each of our clients has very subjective needs, which are addressed by one or more of the Agency’s eighteen (18) programs. The Agency’s primary focus in all areas of endeavour is pro-active crime prevention, lower recidivism rates, and successful integration into the community as demonstrated through more socially-congruent behaviour.


Associated Youth Services of Peel - AYSP

AYSP is a dynamic team of optimistic and compassionate professionals and volunteers dedicated to helping children, youth and families manage mental health and/or justice issues in order to realize their potential and encourage their contribution to community.


Congress of Black Women (Mississauga)

Congress of Black Women (Mississauga) Non-Profit Housing Inc. Mission: To provide a forum for Black Women to identify and address issues which affect them, their families and their community, thereby enabling them to improve their lives. Vision: The Ontario region strives to promote organizational visibility, facilitate consistency of leadership and coordinate responses to the concerns and issues of all Ontario chapters.


The Mississauga Furniture Bank works in conjunction with these agencies and shelters serving individuals and families who are re-establishing a home.
We do not carry large appliances such as washers, dryers, fridges and freezers. Also we do not have baby cribs, car seats, high chairs or strollers.

Please note - We do not make appointments directly with furniture recipients. Please do not call us if you are looking for furniture, but rather work through your social services agency.